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BJJ class 36

Posted by forlogos on November 16, 2006

Ah, BJJ. I’ve been doing this for exactly 6 months now. I’ve been going twice a week except for a month I missed due to a bad cold I didn’t want to spread and studying for midterms – and a few classes here and there.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting. Learn more about it here. Anyway, I want to document my progress in learning BJJ, so I’ll just start with that.

Class 36 was ok class. I did drills and rolled with a girl for the 1st time. It was kinda weird while drilling, though the rolling was ok. She’s newer than me, so I rolled like how I would with other newer white belts. Not really. I didn’t go for any submissions nor mount. I’ll do that when she gets better.

In tae kwon do, I didn’t have a problem sparring with black belt girls in a normal way. They want to learn to fight, and I shouldn’t short change them by holding back. Not that I don’t hold back. I do. As they get better, I guess I just hold back less.

Anyway, we drilled this side control, knee-on belly, to arm bar move. It felt weird having to put my knee and body weight on a girl. Anyway, I got used to kicking girls before, so I’ll get used to rolling with them too. The technique involved wrapping your partner’s gi around them while in side control, jumping up to knee-on-belly, trapping their arm that’s closest to you, then falling back into an arm-lock. Cool, I hope to pull that off one day while rolling.

After drills, I rolled with 3 people, including the girl, the korean guy, and a sambo guy. I tapped no one and no one tapped me.

Traded business cards with Udo after class. MBA networking.

And since I mentioned tae kwon do (tkd) let me put in my quick personal martial arts backgrounder for you. My tkd career started ca. 1988 and I stopped kickng towards the end of 2003. I’ve taught, competed, won a (Philippines) Nationals title, and got my 3rd degree black belt. I tried Jeet Kune Do 4 a week in a weird school that primarily used just one side of your body (i.e., right lead or right kicks only). Also tried Kung-fu Wusu for about 5 m0nths before I decided that I’ve had enough of traditional martial arts. Which brings me to where I am with BJJ.


4 Responses to “BJJ class 36”

  1. mmabjj said


    Fix up your “about” page.. who are ya?

    Nice to have another BJJer on here. There aren’t that many believe it or not.

    We are the first!


    Look forward to reading your training diary. I have one too, so feel free to come and check it out. New post incoming after tomorrow’s class.

  2. Forlogos said

    Thanks mmabjj! I hope I get to fix that up soon. That and some other graphics too.

    I do wish there were more BJJers blogging, it would be nice to have an online blogging community.

    I checked out your blog before I started mine. I like your insights, especially your post about tradition.

  3. Jonathan said

    Awesome page. I love reading about peoples’ progress with BJJ. Check out my site too, it’s sort of similar to yours but you have more experience than I do. Are you still a white belt?

  4. forlogos said

    Thanks, I spend a lot of time reading BJJ training blogs (I’ve got to update my blogroll!!). I actually save them for days I train to help me get in “technical BJJ” mood. Or something…

    I’m still a white belt, and I’ve been doing this for two days short of a year now. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, but based on the blue belts and some white belts, I’ve a long way to go…Not that am belt hungry or anything

    I’ll definitely check out your site, I’m always on the lookout for BJJ web logs

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