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BJJ class 37

Posted by forlogos on November 18, 2006

Friday night. This was my first time to go on a friday night. It was very surprising. So much people showed up. More than twice the amount of people for a usual weeknight class. I went to the early evening class on Halloween, and only 3 people showed up. So for a friday night, this was too surprising.

The professor told everyone that it was going to be open mat. Everyone was just stretching and talking, and doing more talking than stretching. It was obvious that there wasn’t enough mat space to have everyone roll. So the open mat was cancelled and a regular class was started instead. After warm ups, the professor divided all the newbies, everyone with less than a year’s experience, and all the rest. I was in the newbies group. Everyone else got to roll the whole class, we got to do one drill the whole class. Oh joy! The newbies had to do the drill in a compressed space, and to separate the mat from the rollers, punching bags were laid down on the floor to divide the mat into sections. I’d never seen the academy do that before. I really wanted to roll and I got bored with the drill. Going to bjj is just incomplete without rolling. I know that drills should be practiced repeatedly, so you can master and perform it properly, but doing one drill in class for over 40 minutes is too much. There is a need to repeat drills over time (weeks, months), but too much of the same thing in one sitting is B-O-R-I-N-G-!-!. At least we don’t have to memorize some useless form (poomse, hyung, kata, whatever!).

The drill was relatively simple. Do a kimura from side control, have your partner escape the kimura by slipping his arm out. Trap their arm with the arm you were using to raise their elbow up in the kimura and grab your shoulder in the process. Slip your other arm over your partners forearm and put your elbow on the mat. Slide both elbows towards your opponent’s hip, squeeze the arm and raise the elbow closest to you partner’s hip. Partner taps. Repeat a few times. Do the other side a few times. Switch, repeat, repeat, repeat…. This move is actually kinda hard to explain in words. The effect is that your partner taps because the arm is sent through the same motion as in the kimura, only the arm is controlled in another way. This is one of those moves, that if you saw someone pull it off, you’d be wondering why the partner tapped. It’s suttle and a simple. Hidden and not flashy. A huh-how’d-that-work submission.

Got to talk to a bunch of people in class. That made the lack of a roll better.


One Response to “BJJ class 37”

  1. mmabjj said

    Sucks when you don’t get to roll, eh? Us newbs really should work on our drills, but sparring is the most fun…

    I just went back to training after a month off, it was great, except I had got used to not waking up with pain all over my body :-/

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