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BJJ Principles on new furniture

Posted by forlogos on November 18, 2006

Today I stayed home and waited for the cable guy and a furniture delivery. I originally had a 7am to 7pm window, but am glad they both came relatively early.

The furniture delivered was a very heavy table, 4 chairs, and 2 huge bookcases. Once the boxes were brought into the apartment, I decided to use some basic principles of BJJ on them as I organized and assembled everything
-I tried not to muscle the furniture. In moving the furniture around, I used my leverage and technique. In flattening the boxes for disposal, I used all of my bodyweight on the smaller details (i.e. corners) of boxes so as to completely flatten them
-I pulled the mount position on top of all the flattened boxes as I tied them all together with some tape. I pulled the tape around the flattened boxes, mounted, pulled the loose end of the tape from the left side to the right with my right hand and pulled the opposite end with my other hand. After making sure the cross-choke was applied properly, I knotted the ends and stacked the boxes to the side.
-To flip the table top, I assumed the seated guard position, underhooked my leg on the table top, made sure I had solid grips with both hands, I took the base off the table top and performed the sweep with only a minor grunt.
– To turn the assembled table right-side up, I underhook my arms on it’s legs and trapped the edge of the table-top with my foot. I then leaned backwards, thus sweeping the table to be almost completely upright. As the table was heavy, I had to muscle the rest of the move until it was completely upright.
-In moving the other already assembled furniture around, I used my whole body against the smaller parts of the furniture. For moving the bookcases for example, I used my hands, arms, upper body and lower body against only one part of the bookcase and was able to control the bookcase and put it right where I wanted to.

I decided it be best not to do any BJJ on the cable guy, since it was important that I finally get hooked up with cable, and he would not be able to do it if caught in an arm bar or a triangle.


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