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BJJ class 40 and 41

Posted by forlogos on November 22, 2006

They say life begins at 40. Well, at class 41 I tapped my 1st (even) blue belt. I need to indicate “even” because I’ve tapped other blue belts before – blue belts that were much smaller and lighter than me – and were thus unfairly matched. So today I caught an even – same size, probably a bit heavier than me – blue belt in a kimura as he was trying to pass my half guard. I don’t think my “Life” has “Begun.” My BJJ life is just beginning.

Class 40 was last night, 41 was today.

We did a cool drill yesterday. From guard, the type where both feet are on your opponent’s hips and you’re pulling on both sleeves (that’s not exactly spider guard right, so what’s it called?), switch your right hand to grip your partner’s right sleeve, spin in place such that you keep your left foot on the hip, grab your partner’s right ankle with your left hand, freeing up your right foot and are completely sideways from your partner. This spin is important as it gives you many other moves you can do should your partner react differently. At this point, underhook your partner’s left knee with your right foot then pull with that foot, push with the other, while keeping your hands gripped on what they’re gripping. Partner goes down. Spring up on your left knee and right foot. Pass your right knee over partner’s right thigh and hook it. Control partner’s right arm, keep your weight on your partner, complete the pass and end in side control.

There was some rolling afterward. White and blue belts didn’t tap me and I didn’t tap anyone. Purple belts do nothing but make me tap.

Class 41 was all rolling. Tapped an even blue belt for the 1st time. Also tapped this smaller blue belt with a kimura while trying to pass his guard. I tapped to this huge white belt’s armbar. He had a very good mount. I couldn’t upa out, he had very tight hooks on me.

I end up under side control a lot. My mount defense is usually very good and I usually feel relieved if they want to mount – so I let them. My sweeps need a lot of work, I can’t pull one off on someone that’s more experienced than me. My open guard sucks. I dunno what to do if I can’t choke or armbar an opponent if I have their back. I can’t pull off a triangle, so I usually resort to an armbar. And zillion other things I need to work on with my game.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Happy thanksgiving!!


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  1. very nice blog!mary

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