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BJJ in fighting and biting

Posted by forlogos on November 25, 2006

This is an interesting video. It’s from an old James Cagney movie. Nice… He does an armbar at one point, lets it go for no apparent reason – does a lapel choke from rear mount a bit after, and also lets it go.

He should’ve just held on to that choke, his opponent would’ve gone to sleep in a minute. The armbar was kinda funny. They were fighting for real (as real as actors would fight in a movie) and let it go with a weird expression. Why an armbar though, unless he breaks the arm it doesn’t end the fight. Would you do an armbar in a real fight? I think I’d rather choke out my opponent instead.

Reading through Martial Farts I came across a comment left by Dave1 in the post “Wing Chun vs BJJ” that said “if someone gets me in a leg lock i’d bite their achillies, i dont care who you are, you’d let go.

Reading this instantly brought back to my mind a discussion that went on before a BJJ class a few weeks back. Someone was wondering about how effective BJJ would be in the street or in a fight if bites were permitted as well as strikes. The usual BJJ answers were brought up such as staying out of strikes by maintaining positional dominance, like on the mount were you can punch your opponent on the face effectively and they can’t hit you back. But the question on bites kept coming up. So someone shared that this was asked some time ago, and demonstrated that if you were being submitted, you wouldn’t be able to bite your way out if it. Like the arm bar for example, you have to put your thigh over someones face to do the arm bar, why not bite the guy’s leg, make him let go, and escape? So he showed how you couldn’t. He had the guy lie down so he could do an armbar and told him to bite his leg as soon an he started. As soon as the armbar was done, he started trying to bite, couldn’t and tapped. The guy said that when placed in such a move, you basically just want to scream, that the pain keeps you from biting. Everyone nodded in agreement. I had to agree. While rolling in class, no one screams – I don’t scream. But my face will contort (or make faces) in response to pain, making my mouth open as I think “ahhh!”

So, no, biting will not win over BJJ in a fight.


3 Responses to “BJJ in fighting and biting”

  1. slideyfoot said

    Not to mention the example of UFC 1, where Gordeau was biting Royce sufficiently hard to draw blood (look carefully at his ear when he’s being interviewed afterwards) – we all know how that one ended. 😉

  2. forlogos said

    hmmm, I never noticed that . . . I’ve got to watch that fight more closely

    guess I never saw it cause I never saw that fight in anything larger than 640X480

  3. My Home said

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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