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America on the Move

Posted by forlogos on November 26, 2006

Part of my company’s health insurance plan is participation in America on the Move. It is a voluntary program to join but it gives you points in the company’s health program. These points are great because if you accumulate enough you can receive up to two $50 gift cards you can use anywhere and a 20% discount off of your 2007 health insurance costs. Other methods to garner points are reporting your recent annual physical results and having the health coaching via phone (which I discussed previously). I can’t remember the other methods, but there are several ways.

America on the Move, or Healthy Strides, is fun and interesting. You wear a pedometer all day and log in the number of steps you did online. Online you can select from a number of trails to complete. The trails all vary on the number of steps needed to complete, but are all based on actual physical trails – such as the China Silk Road and the path taken by the Lewis and Clarke expidition. The goal is to have walked the equivalent length of the trail you specify within a given time frame, which is 42 days, I think. I delayed starting my participation from the start date that I mentioned so I have only about 3 weeks to complete a trail. I’m doing the China Silk Road trail, which requires about 3,800 steps a day on average for the full 42 days. Since I started late, I have to do about 8,900 steps a day. Which is fine by me because I actually average about 10,00 steps a day…I had no idea. I don’t wear the pedometer while I’m in BJJ, I wonder how many equivalent steps a 90 or 60 minute BJJ workout is.

You can even sign up with your buddies and compete against each other. Fun!! You also find out some very interesting stuff too. Getting ready in the morning, I take about 150 steps inside the apartment before I actually leave for work. I walk about 80 steps to go downstairs to get my laundry and bring it back up. I can walk around 500 steps in pure boredom while waiting for a late night subway train to arrive!!

It’s a free program and anyone can join here. It’s fun and all, but you just might not get that health insurance discount (ask your employer).


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  1. Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

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