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hate mecon

Posted by forlogos on November 28, 2006

I really hate my economics class.  I think I vented about it here before already, but here I go again…

At the start of the term we were told that we would not need to know any math & calculus, but half of the mid-terms was calculus!!

After four weeks of waiting, we finally received the results of our monstrous take home midterm.  I got a score of 81%.  The in class midterm results was given out last week and I scored 65%.  Yeesh, I’m gonna get a low grade for this course.  It would really be helpful if the professor actually taught and told us what would show up on the test!

And this prof talks very slowly, takes too much time to do anything, and doesn’t teach well.  There is actually no value in going to class at all.

Finals is only 3 weeks away.  We just received our take home final – which I can see myself working on for some 20 hours or so (it’s way shorter than the take-home midterm), and I’m definitely going to get together with some of my classmates for this one.  Now that I finally have the midterm test back, I can finally start the “project” which is what the professor wants from every student, individually, that wants to improve their scores.  He wants proof that we’ve learned the material.  And to prove that we have indeed learned the material, we need to go back through all our mistakes, in both midterm tests, and write a whole page, one entire page per item, explaining why my answer is wrong and why the right answer is right and that I understand it now.  A whole page!!  How do you right a whole page explaining why you forgot to put in a decimal point!!  (My pages will all be double spaced, with a large font, and even larger margins!!)  And what will we get for doing all that work?  If our finals test scores end up being higher than the midterms scores, then the midterm scores will be changed to match the finals test scores.  How crazy is that, It’s not even a sure thing!!

With only two meetings left in the term, we’ve barely covered half the material that we should’ve covered, based on the syllabus.  What kind of crappy professor does that?


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