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Posted by forlogos on November 28, 2006

I haven’t written anything about snowboarding yet.  It’s even part of the name of this blog and not once have I written about it. I can’t wait for it.  This snowboarding season has already begun.  All the snowguns are on and blowing at most of the Northeast mountains.  Snowguns.  I wish I lived in the west so the mountains wouldn’t need snowguns.  It would be great to have a snow base of 125″-135″ like they do at Mt. Baker.  To make me even more jealous, it’s all natural snow powder!  And it’s only November!!

This time last year I had already hit the slopes 4 times.  Four!  This global-warming plus going-to-school thing is really taking away from my boarding!!

And the global warming seems to be affecting only the east coast, not the west!


3 Responses to “Snowboarding”

  1. broader said

    If you like snowboarding you can check our blog covering the euro-snowboard scene and action!
    Check it out!!

  2. Hiuga said

    Ride On!Feel free!

  3. 12creation said

    hasta la vista baby

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