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Schedule for Spring 2007 term

Posted by forlogos on December 1, 2006

The 1st thing I did upon waking up this morning was register for classes for Spring 2007.  Ok, it was the 4th thing I did.  I snoozed twice, kissed AG, and then registered for classes.  It was the first day for registering and I wanted to be sure I got my classes before space ran out.  I’d been planning my course selection for next term for a few weeks now, having looked at Fordham’s OASIS (Online Automated Student Information System), which I use primarily for looking and registering for classes.  RateMyProfessors.com was also consulted a lot.  Although class/professor surveys are performed at the end of each term for each class, the results of the student feedback is not shared with the student population.  Thus, RateMyProfessors.com, an online professor rating site, is very helpful in choosing which class sections/professors to register for.

My spring class schedule is far from ideal.  The schedule of classes was poor and didn’t allow me to schedule classes the way I would have preferred.  If only there were more choices and more good professors, I would have been able to have the best schedule – which is to have a day with out classes in between two class days (i.e., classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and have the 1st class day in the week not be monday so as to give me a buffer from a busy weekend in which to catch up on reading or assignments.  I would’ve been able to have such a schedule, but the professors for the well scheduled classes were all bad.  I’ve had enough of my bad professor this term.  So I have two classes on monday nights – from 6pm all the way through 10pm – and another on Tuesday evenings – from 6pm to 8pm.  And they are:

Fundamentals of Accounting.  A core course and also my 1st class on mondays.  I’m taking this since it’s the prerequisite for the finance prerequisite – and finance is my second major.  So by taking this class, I can take the finance prereq – Financial Environment – then maybe one more finance prereq, am not sure, and then be able to take most of all the other Finance subjects.  I had a total of 12 units of accounting for my undergrad degree, so I see this class as being more of a review.  I’m not particularly fond of accounting classes, but the professor supposedly makes this class fun.  I do hope so.

Marketing Management.  My second monday class and also a core course.  Also taking this since this is the prereq for most of the other marketing classes.  Can’t remember now if I have to take another class after this to be able to take all the other marketing subjects.  Marketing is my first major by the way.  I should’ve majored in marketing in college, but I opted for a more general “Business Management” degree instead.  So while I’d like to have a career in marketing, I’m taking Finance only since I’ve become interested in investing in the last few years.  I don’t think I would want to work in a finance job.  Back to the topic.  I enjoyed my marketing classes a lot in college, so am sure that I will enjoy this class too.  It was very surprising that most of the professors teaching this course were bad – I was under the impression that all marketing profs were good.  Oh well.

Mathematical Methods for Business.  My tuesday class and also the last program prereq – I’m taking the others now (Managerial Economics and Statistics).  This shouldn’t be too hard.  I’m comfortable with math, but am not good at it.  I make a lot of careless mistakes.  I would’ve had higher grades throughout my academic life if I had made less careless mistakes at math.

So how do these choices affect the rest of my life:  oh boy…

Snowboarding:  Definitely impacted.  I used to board every winter weekend.  The monday classes impact any plans for making any weekend a three-day.  I’ve historically preferred to take mondays off, I hate mondays, and now I’ll just have to take fridays off.  No biggie.  But if I do go for a three-day or even just one day in the weekend, I have to be careful since there are two classes on Monday.  For day trips, I should hit the slopes on saturdays so I can do any pending schoolwork on sundays.  Three-day weekends will be tougher, but this just means that I will have to do my due diligence and complete any work before the weekend hits.  Thing is, I prefer to sit on things and feel most motivated to work on them when the deadline is close by.  Also, since I’m taking two core courses this term, I might be busier and may have to sacrifice some shredding for school.

BJJ:  Big impact too.  With winter being here, I’d like to avoid going to BJJ on saturdays since I could be on a mountain somewhere enjoying the white stuff.  Saturday has been my fall back day in case I miss BJJ during the week.  This option goes away.  Unless I have a lot of schoolwork to do and cannot spare a day to snowboard, BJJ will definitely be a welcome break in the middle of the day from schoolwork.  Since classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays, that leaves only Wednesdays through Fridays left for training.  I don’t like to go to BJJ on fridays since that’s happy hour friday!  I haven’t been going to happy hours like I used to, so it might actually work out.  But going on wednesdays and thursdays is not preferable either.  I need to let my body have at least a day of rest in between.  Especially if I hurt my back like I just did!! In the next few weeks before I start boarding and the start of next term, I should concentrate more on applying proper technique and less on ‘muscling it’ which is something I should be doing anyway.  I might have to decrease my BJJ membership to just one day a week if schoolwork gets too much.

AG:  She’s already complained a few times that am too busy now and don’t spend enough time with her.  Or at least, not as much as I used to.  Next term is going to be worse since I’m taking 3 classes instead of 2, and 2 of them are core courses.  The fact that it’s going to be boarding season shouldn’t be so big since we usually go together, but shredding is a bigger priority for me than it is for her.  I’d rather board than do some family functions or ‘hang out.’  C’mon, let’s hang out on a lift and make lines down the mountain!!  BJJ will be the variable here since its schedule doesn’t work out so well.  I might have to reduce my grappling to just once a week.  In any case, I’m sure to hear more from her regarding my time this coming term.

Chiro:  I used to go to the chiropractor twice a week.  Since school started I’ve been going about once a month.  It’s not cause I can’t spare time for it, it’s that I don’t want to go.  So hopefully I go even less or not at all next year.

Me:  Am busy.  A loner, like me, loves it.  It’s great that am busy.  Some people would argue that I’m not a loner, but immigrant me feels like one.

So there.


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