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Supposed flurries

Posted by forlogos on December 5, 2006

Over the weekend, while in the middle of working on my econ paper, I took a break and checked the weather.  They finally used their snowflakes graphic in the local weather forecast!!  About frickin’ time!

I looked into the forecast more and turned out it was supposed to be wet snow/rain.  Bummer.  Still, the prospect of seeing tiny flakes fall from the sky kept me happy.  I didn’t get to go outside the rest of the evening and I never saw any.  We didn’t have flurries.  AG woulda told me.  The ground was really dry the next morning.  It didn’t even rain.

On the plus side, the weather hit 32 real feel degrees today.  But after this week, we reach the high 40s 😦  and it stays there for a whole week.  Double  😦

All this, and I hear that some mountain in Washington got 12 feet from a storm.  I guess it’s all better for me right now, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on studying with finals starting next week.


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