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Forget FAFSA for now

Posted by forlogos on December 6, 2006

Back in this post, I had decided to try out the FAFSA and experiment, if you will, to find out how to do this whole student loan thing.

Two weeks or so after submitting my FAFSA, I received an email back saying that my Student Aid Report (SAR) was complete.  I logged in immediately to see the results.  What I saw was more of a summary of what my FAFSA contained.  So I logged off and waited.  Within the next few weeks, I checked the student loan FAFSA websites (don’t remember the URL) to see what I should do next.  The sites told me that I should wait for my school to contact me.  So I waited some more.

After I-don’t-know how many days, I went ahead and called my school’s admission office.  They did receive my SAR and was told that I have to do 3 things:  Submit a school specific loan request form, complete an interview form (more like an online questionnaire), and complete my e-MPN.  I think it was MPN.  Electronic Master Promissory Note or something.

So much to do, and finals are just around the corner.  I know for sure that there will be some type of black out in late December for the holidays, so am sure that if I did submit all those things, my loan won’t likely be processed in time for the term.  So forget it.

I was just going to experiment with it anyhow.   I don’t need the aid since I get tuition reimbursement from my employer.  If I go on an internship, as planned, I will still get reimbursement so long as I applied for it before I go my academic leave.  So I’ll just do the FAFSA thing when I need it.


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