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wait, maybe not

Posted by forlogos on December 6, 2006

Just realized…I might need a loan after all.

If I’m unsuccessful in getting an internship, then I’m going to look for a new job.  Yes, am no longer happy with my role.  I have been hit with dissatisfaction.  Shoot, I slack off so much I should be ashamed of myself.  Well, I still get all my work done and such, but am no longer motivated.  Wait, I should save all that for another post.

Anyway, if and when I get a new job, I may not be fortunate to find a firm that will pay for school.  So if I change job within the spring term, I will not be able to get my tuition reimbursement from my current employer.   Which makes me down about $8,000.

But is it better to have paid that term off now?  Or put it in a loan and pay it off later with interest?

If I land an internship I get my money back, so that’s fine.  If I don’t and get a job instead, I’m down $8,000 but I”m employed and earning.  Ok.  That’s fine.  I’ll be covered either way by reimbursement or incoming salary.  Guess I don’t really need the loans now.


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