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Economics take home final

Posted by forlogos on December 9, 2006

I’ve been spending the last few nights working on my managerial economics take home final exam.  I’ve been sleeping late consistently just working on it.  Last night I went to bed at 3:30am.  The night before though, I had 6 hours of sleep, which is twice the average amount of sleep I’ve been getting.

My professor is really a bad professor.  I think I’ve ranted on him in this blog before.  For instance, he spend the entire second half of the term discussing one chapter in the book.  The take home final has difficult questions from all of the next three chapters after the only one he discussed in class.  How bad is that?  At least this horrid take home test is a good study guide for the final.  I shouldn’t even have attended a single class.  I should’ve just gone in to pick up the 18 page take home midterm, spend 30 hours doing it.  Study whatever was in the take home again for the in class midterm.  And then do the same thing for the final.  That would’ve been the only way to take this professors course.

I cannot wait for the time we get to evaluate this guy and put in my honest review in ratemyprofessors.com.


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  1. brad said

    Absolutely not. I joined and served because I volunteered, as did everyone else I served with. Once you make it compulsory, you get people

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