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Graduation Dinner

Posted by forlogos on December 11, 2006

My BJJ school just sent out an email regarding the 2006 Graduation.  It’s going to be in a Tribecca restaurant and reservations are included.  I’ve never heard a martial arts school doing this.  I’m rather curious.  A bunch of people are going to be promoted and given stripes.  I’ve never heard of having to do this in a restaurant.  Kinda  strange.  I don’t know the prices that the restaurants charges, but seats range from $75 to $150.  Might be a ‘fundraiser’ of sorts actually.  So I’m more skeptical than anything.

Anyway, my economics final is on the same night, so I can’t go.

What’s exciting is that my name is listed together with people that are to be awarded.  The school’s email system (mail merge and whatever) has been having problems recently and has been giving out weirdly (or misformatted) email.  There are three columns:  “Stripes (2)”, “Green”, “Blue”.  I’m listed under “green”.  What does that mean?  There is no “green” belt.  I didn’t test.  Actually, no one I know has tested.  Is “green” the email merger’s code for “1 Stripe”?  I’d like to get a stripe.  I’ve made progress in my 7 months of BJJ and think it’s time I got one.  Not that what I wear around my waist matters, but it does give a sense of pride.

Guess I’ll find out when I go to class later this week.  If I get to go…

I really wish they’d change their email program/mail merger.


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