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IFLI’s price

Posted by forlogos on December 11, 2006

I blogged about buying stocks of the International Fight League (IFLI – Yahoo, Google). Last week, their price closed just below $4 around $3.50 or something. This morning the stock jumped up to $8. That’s a big leap, I wonder what the closing price will be.

I opened a Tradeking.com account last week so I could buy the stock. Tradeking is a fairly new online brokerage firm, but so far they have had wonderful reviews. They offer the lowest fees per trade ($4.95 – no limits) and even offer things I don’t care to know about like options and puts and whatnots. The research portion of the site is supposedly not as good as that of other online brokerage firms, but in the age of google, why should that matter? I had transferred some funds from my checking account over to Tradeking, but it is still in process.

Imagine, I could have had a quick 60% gain!! This morning’s gain really is just noise in the long-term stock price of IFLI and I’m sure that their overall trend will be upward. I’m looking forward to watching the IFL perform over the next year and watching the fights they put up, of course.

Just a note: My overall financial plan is good and all, with a majority in index funds in tax sheltered accounts. I’ve no intention of becoming a day trader and the portion of money that I’m going to put in IFLI is considered “play money”. I also have “play money in Prosper.com in the amount of $1,500 making about 15%.


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