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One final down…and applied for 3 internships

Posted by forlogos on December 14, 2006

I had my Statistics final yesterday. I only studied for one night and I think I did alright. It was an open-notes, open-book test and wasn’t too hard. I got stumped by a few questions, but I think I was able to figure them out. I like my professor and highly recommend him. We didn’t ever have to memorize a single formula – you never have to in real life anyway – we depend on statistical software in real life, we did the same in class. He kept it real. This guy is such a polar opposite of my economics professor, who no one likes. Now I just have to wait several days to see what my grade for the semester will be.

Yesterday, I applied for my company’s summer internship program. The public website didn’t really have any hard information other than a general overview and a snailmail address. So I walked over to HR and dropped it off. I spoke to the coordinator that recieves all internship applications and found out when interviews were going to be arranged. I do hope I get preferential treatment as I’ve been with the company for 3 years now.

This morning I called in sick and applied for 2 other internships. They’re both “safety” applications, since I would rather work in my company and in the first company I applied to, which I’ll discuss below. Since, they’re fall back applications, I didn’t really work that hard on making perfect cover letters for my resume. They’re decent though, but not spectacular. One of them is a youth-oriented marketing company (good) and the other is a fashion company (I couldn’t care any less about).

The other company I really want to work for is for an internship as a brand manager. It will lead to a minimum 2-hour commute to work each way, but it’s only an internship and will last just 12 weeks. That’s the kind of job I would like to get when I complete my MBA, so it’s the perfect internship for me. Its location isn’t ideal, but everything else about it is. I really do want to get into brand marketing.

I have one more final, economics, which will be in about 4 days. Am only going to study in the weekend and with my study group the day before. The professor is giving a review class for everyone, but I’m going to skip it, along with several other classmates. It’s going to be a waste of time, just like the whole semester with this professor, and we will take nothing but boredom away from it.


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