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BJJ class 43

Posted by forlogos on December 19, 2006

After missing 2 weeks of BJJ, it was nice to hit the mat again. I needed a study break, though I hadn’t studied much in the days prior.

Saturday was open mat, as most saturdays are. I rolled with 4 people. I learned some useful things from the guys, while sparring and after class, and taught a newbie the basic mount escape. I armbarred a white belt that was better than me and managed to attempt several offensives on a purple belt.

After 2 rolls, a 250 lb guy landed his knee on my pinky-finger through a bad angle, where one joint of the same finger is jammed into another. Tapping my finger caused a weird sensation to radiate from the tip towards my hand. This ended the roll and prompted me to ice my hand for ten minutes. I rolled for an additional half an hour after. I iced my hand again when I got home and twice more while studying. Now, a few days later, my hand is stiff and I can’t grip anything tightly. Oh well.

A friend of mine has some extra space. He wants to get some mats and train with some of the guys after BJJ class and on sundays. Our own fight club…cool!


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