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Some reasons why I want to invest in the IFL

Posted by forlogos on December 20, 2006

There really is one main reason: I think they’ll do well. There are so many ways that a company can do well, so I’ll try to name some specifics as to why I like the stock (or the company).

– They fight in a team. The team is the one that fights, not the individual. Although they fight one-on-one, they still need to win as a team to advance. Similar to the way the Philippines taekwondo Nationals were held before.   There’s nothing better than training in a team.  Very interesting concept which I hope will be accepted and will succeed.

– They are open about their business. They’re a public corporation. Their books are open and we can see what’s happening to the company. They’re not hidden like some other promotions.

– They are promoting MMA as a sport, not a spectacle like the fake wrestling, which is how the UFC is marketing their shows. Promoting MMA as a sport will have a better, long lasting impact on MMA as a whole.

– They acknowledge the truth about the origins of MMA in the US. They obviously don’t subscribe to the “Zuffa Myth” (I forgot which blog I got that term from) that distorts the history of the UFC saying that before the present managers of the UFC were in place, it started with no rules (they had rules from the start), that they ran away from regulation (they were always going for it), and that they didn’t get any sanctioning (they did, in NJ and even in NY – but the NY story deserves a whole other post).

– They treat MMA journalists as they should. I remember that an MMA journalist was kicked out of a UFC show. Why? I dunno.

– They treat their fighters well. The fighters have a salary and can support themselves between fights. Unlike in the UFC where most fighters get a minuscule paycheck only when they fight.

– They fight in a ring.  Which is safer for the fighters and keeps the fight fair.  Too many people use the cage as a weapon.  Saying that a cage is better since it protects fighters from falling out of rings.  That’s bull.  Go watch some Pride Fighting.  They aways get reset to the center of the ring and there are always people that try to keep you from the ropes.

– They removed elbows.  Elbows should be permitted, but another tactic that is abused is trying to give an opponent a cut above the eye.  Elbows do that very well.  A cut above the eye bleeds.  A lot of blood will go to the eye.  The fight will be discontinued because of the cut even though the fighter is still in excellent condition.  Not a fair fight.  Besides, cutting down on the blood factor will bring MMA closer to being a sport more openly accepted by the general public.

-They don’t sign exclusive contracts with their fighters.  They can still fight elsewhere.

– They have shows on free tv.  No need to pony up each time just to watch a show.  Just know the schedule – like you need to for any other tv show.  Not that I watch TV, I don’t.  But majority of people do.

So yeah, they are doing great things for MMA and I would like to see them succeed.  I hope I got my facts straight, although I wrote the whole post based on some other blogs I read – I can’t remember which ones, and the No Holds barred podcast.  So thank you unknown blogs and NHB podcast.

So my Tradeking account finally cleared.  I just set up a limit order for 100 shares.


4 Responses to “Some reasons why I want to invest in the IFL”

  1. bullll said

    IFL is FAKE
    they stage they fights
    anyone that has seen reall MMA will know this as soon as it premiers on network television
    hahahaha its almost embarassing and painful to watch

  2. NasDarq said

    The above poster claiming IFL is fake has either down syndrome or some kind of mental deficiencies.

    IFL has some tough shoes to fill if they are trying to compete head on with the UFC/Pride. However, thier niche is not to go head on with UFC/Pride but instead build great fighters/teams to feed to top orgs like UFC/Pride, K1 Heros, Pro-Elite. Thier team concept is kinda weird in the MMA world since MMA is geared towards single fighters. Offering thier fights on “free” TV will help thier longevity in the buisiness. Displaying fueds (e.g. Ken and Frank Shamrock) will add the storyline and drama needed to entice the casual viewers. I suggest that the IFL have a Superbowl fight show where the top fighters from different teams and weigh classes meet each other.

    But overall, IFL will do fine. I’m just not sure they will blow up like the UFC.

  3. forlogos said

    damn! I wonder why this old post ended up in Sherdog, but it gave me the mosts hits I’ve ever gotten in a single day (838)


    And that 1st person that posted a comment obviously doesn’t know anything

  4. Diceman said

    its as fake as shit you stupid fucks

    you’re probably the wankers that thought wrestling was real though, so i can’t expect much of you.

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