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BJJ class 44

Posted by forlogos on December 21, 2006

It’s been a long time since I went to a wednesday night class. I used to go to BJJ on mondays and wednesdays, but that all changed when school started. Now that the term is done, I can go to any class I want. Well, for this week at least. They’re closed all of next week and reopen the same day of my first day of school next term – January 2nd.

Anyway. Today’s class was all rolling. Nothing outstanding happened other than I was the only white belt today, with a majority being blue belts and 2 purple belts. I tapped a lot today…it’s been a while since I tapped so much. Of course now it takes them longer to get taps and they don’t sweep me as easily as they used too, but they still do. I manage to get side control now, even though I loose it very quickly. I even get to go on the offense now – most usually a kimura, from a variety of positions, and armbars. I didn’t get to tap anyone today, but a few people told me that I’ve improved. Which is good.

I really have to work on my side control. I was told recently that the head instructor of our school, who we never get to see anymore as he’s busy at the other branch of his school, teaches the basics better than the one that teaches our classes. Both instructors are very highly qualified blackbelts (the one that teaches us even won the Mundials a few times) but of course each have different teaching styles. The head instructor teaches all the nuances of the basics, best places to put your knees, hands, etc….basic applications…all the foundation stuff. The instructor I learn from is an excellent advanced-level instructor, but he usually misses the small details that spell the differences between a great techniques and poor technique – y’know, as if you already know all that. There is a language problem though, he doesn’t speak english very well, which contributes to it. Am not complaining, I like the professor and we are all fortunate to have him teach us. It would still be nice to know the basics of the positions so I can learn to keep a blue belt in my side control for more than a few minutes.

Anyway, am going to try to go for a class tomorrow. Half my body aches and my injuries and neck are all stiff. We’ll see…


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