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RMP’ed my MEcon professor

Posted by forlogos on December 26, 2006

I just gave my opinion of my Managerial Economics professor at RateMyProfessors.com:

“Avoid!! Time in the classroom is a waste, you won’t learn anything from his lectures – they are useless – he covers only a tiny fraction of what will appear in the take home and in-class midterm & final (4 tests total). Takes an hour to discuss an obvious detail. Gives review sessions for midterms and finals, but are also a waste of time.”

This was the professors 1st time teaching at Fordham, so there aren’t too many reviews yet – but do take a look at what some of my other fellow student sufferers had to say:

“Quite possible the worst classroom experience ever. I thought Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out and tell us we’ve been punk’d.”

“The syllabus contained the textbook name. No dates, assignments, chapters covered or anything. Take home tests were quite difficult because class never covered a majority of problems. Studying for in class nearly impossible- questions ranged from definitions to applying memorized math formulas. He never seemed to grasp that this was an intro class.”

“By far the worst class ever. Professor showed up an hour late to the final exam! 2 take home tests and 2 in-class tests – nothing was taught in class, so you basically teach yourself everything from the book. Don’t waste your time.”

“his class is rough. Teacher does not explain what should be read before class. Tests cover material that was never covered in class. Teacher would say certain things are not on tests, and then they would show up on the test. Out of 13 chapters, teacher covered 4 in class. Take home test was 144 questions, took 30+ hours to complete.”

“By far the worst class I have ever taken. There are two in class exams and 2 take home exams and never seems to have clue what will be on them ahead of time. Most of the questions have nothing to do with what little material he covers in class. There is no real assigned reading and no homework. He has no idea what he is doing.”

And you can read more of my experience with this guy here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Am so glad the term is over.


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