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Posted by forlogos on December 29, 2006

I blogged this entry a few days back and ended it with “Ous. (what does that mean?)”

MMABJJ responded:

It’s a contraction of many Japanese phrases that end in “Masu” or “desu” and often get mumbled to just sound like “osu”

arigato gozaimasu – thank you
otsukara sama desu – good work
ohayo gozaimasu – good morning
yoroshiku onegaishimasu – i beg your favourable consideration in the future (lol)

etc. etc.

MMABJJ has a cool blog and has very interesting posts that generate a lot of discussion like Wing Chun vs. BJJ. Check his blog out, some of his posts are similar in flavor to some of mine where we describe BJJ moves learned.

Anyway, Jason from GotJits.com ends most of his posts with “Ous.” BTW, GotJits was the first BJJ training blog I found so you should check it out too. I enjoy the blog, my only complaint is that you can’t leave any comments. So, Jason – if you ever happen to read this – please turn comments on in your blog and congratulations on your second child and blue belt!!

So anyway, I’ve seen and heard Ous and Osu used in the blogosphere (and maybe as a grunt in BJJ, taekwondo, and other martial arts settings – but just as a grunt, like ngrrr!) and I’m wondering what the word means. It sounded Japanese at first, maybe something from the Japanese Jujitsu roots of BJJ – and osu is, see above. But what about ous. It certainly sounds like it could be Japanese. Or maybe it’s just a Canadian thing? I dunno.

So off to dictionary.com I go. No entry, at least not as a word- it’s just a suffix or an acronym. Same for Mirriam-Webster and a whole host of other on-line dictionaries. What’s with these two words?

The Urban Dictionary gives a meaning I could believe: ous – a name that polynesians call each other, mostly Hawaiian,Samoan,Tongans. And also gives this meaning which sounds more appropriate for the BJJ rolling setting, but not exactly the end-your-post-with-this-word usage: osu – A Japanese word meant to show respect. It’s used for events like karate before the fight. Well maybe. It sounds different from what MMABJJ says though, and he’s in Japan (at least I think he is). I didn’t think that those 3 letters could have so many different meanings.

Wikipedia says that osu is Japanese for paitence with myself and others, used in karate. Osu is also an abbreviation for “Ohayou gozaimasu” in the Japanese language, a casual salutation. Also used in JIKC, Kyokushin, and Wado-ryu Karate.

Ok, all those definitions for osu gives a good idea about the word.

But what about ous? Why can’t I find much about that word? Maybe I should call these guys? Anyway, am tired.  Goodnight.

Happy New Year Y’all!

Ous – Osu!!

P.S. this is my most link-heavy post ever


3 Responses to “Ous.”

  1. Thanks, it’s a great post (despite the fact that is full of links…)

  2. forlogos said


  3. Ted said

    Thanks too!

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