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Gi dryer

Posted by forlogos on January 3, 2007

AG didn’t know what to get me for Christmas so I gave her some ideas. I’m really happy with what she decided in the end. I told her to get me a gi a few times but she never asked anything specific about it so I didn’t expect to get one. I didn’t. I did, however, mention a wetsuit hanger that I read about a while back at GrappleMonkey.com called the HangAir. I mentioned it once, in passing too, so I was very surprised and happy that she got it for me.

It’s huge, and it comes in an even bigger box!! It was designed with drying a wetsuit in mind, which would explain why it is very wide: to put as much air in the suit as possible, to put space in there so that the sides don’t touch each other so as to optimize the drying process. It has an over-sized cpu fan in the center that blows air straight down in a low or high speed setting. The fan doesn’t do much for the gi top by itself, but for a one-piece-almost-enclosed wetsuit, I can see how it would be effective. Fortunately, the fan protecti0n, the plastic mesh-net-grid thing that protects the fan blades from your fingers, is more than adequately thick. I like to hook another hanger from the blade protectors and hang my gi pants and belt from there. The wind made from the fan dries the pants and belt, and the wind deflected off the pants to the gi top, together with all the space, dries the whole gi. In other words, it’s the perfect no-heat way to dry your gi. Bonus points: perfect for the BJJ’er with little hanging space, like me in NYC, and time, like me with school, work, boarding and all.

The hangair, as stolen from HangAirs.com:


The hangair, as seen with my Atama:



2 Responses to “Gi dryer”

  1. JA de RIO said

    wow, had never heard of such a tool! How fast does the Gi dry? Is it better than a conventional laundry dryer?

  2. forlogos said

    yeah, it works great….Just takes a few hours to get it completely dry from the wash!

    A conventional dryer is still the quickest way, but it isn’t the best. Besides the tremendous shrinking (you should see my other gi) that it does, I feel like all the heat weakens the fabric as well.

    I’m really happy with the HangAir…though I could think of a few suggestions to make it better, gi-wise….

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