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BJJ Class 45

Posted by forlogos on January 5, 2007

First class after the holidays…darn, it was hard! The combination of the long holiday break (a week off work and two weeks off school), plus all the continuous and steady eating (and then the sudden return to a normal diet) made me gas out within the first five minutes. The academy’s owner was the one that taught the class, not the guy that usually does, so his different warm up also contributed to it. I was told previously that he teaches the basics best and he sure did with a very useful drill that had a lot of merit.

Half-guard Sweep/Counter drill
You are in half-guard in the top position. Your partner scoops your free leg and hipscapes out, bringing your leg over his head as he turns his body over to sweep you. You let him scoop your leg over and you post your arms out in front of you and keep moving to maintain your base. As your leg goes over, pass your leg over his head and pull your other leg free – you should be over your partner or on the other side of your partner now. Switch your legs over and go into side control. As you go into side control, your partner uses his legs and puts you into half guard. repeat.

It’s a good drill and covers the basics for the top and bottom position of half guard. Some of my take-aways for the bottom position:
-don’t be flat on your back, always be on your side
-when hipscaping, your legs should push your hips away, your shoulders can stay on the same spot on the mat
-your inside arm should block your partners outside arm

for the top:
-flatten your opponent and stay tight

Yeah, these points are all basic but, as a white belt, are hard to remember when rolling.

After doing the drill, there was positional half-guard sparring that would start from half guard and reset back to half-guard if someone was submitted or the position changed. After doing both positions, there was regular rolling. Nothing exceptional happened, other than this one blue belt that tried to get me in an armbar, which I escaped from by rolling, and he kept attempting armbars and shoulder locks again and again and I’d keep escaping by rolling out and twisting. After escaping about a dozen times in a row, I just let him get the tap…by that time I didn’t even have the energy to sit up.


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