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Finally got to hit the slopes

Posted by forlogos on January 6, 2007

Immediately after the IFL (‘immediately’ is not an understatement), me and AG rushed to catch the bus to get to Okemo in Vermont. It was a great! There was no snow most of the way, but the closer we got to the mountain, the more snow appeared in the countryside. It was really good too because it snowed all day – 5″!!! Hey, this is the northeast, and 5″ on a normal day is a good day!!

First time in Okemo and I’m glad it was snowing. The facilities were bad. The main lodge was overcrowded, the bathroom was small and there was no proper changing room for men. The main lodge needs to be overhauled and even replaced. The snow was good though! Cause of the rush from the journey from the Mohegan Sun to Queens, this was my first time to board without having checked the weather first. It was supposed to have been 15 degrees at the peak, but man-oh-man, I was freezing!! I’ve never been so underdressed and unprepared for the mountain! It was all good though, after all, it was snowing all day. Come to think of it, it was also the first time ever where I would tell AG that I was cold and that I wanted to take a break and go in a lodge to warm up. Anyway, the blue trails seemed easy and the diamonds didn’t seem that difficult. After a half year hiatus, it’s like we never left the snow at all. The first time back on a board wasn’t slippery or painful at all…Also, I’d say that the steeper slopes were closed as there just wasn’t enough snow, real or fake, to cover them. None of the double diamonds were open, or at least we didn’t come across any open ones.

We were told that they were expecting the mountain to be very crowded, given the holiday weekend, actual real falling snow, and not all the trails being open, so me and AG spent most of the day on the top-half of the mountain, using the mid-mountain lifts, and generally staying away from all the bunny slopes and the main lodge.

Anyway, I’m not yet a parks and jumps guy, so here are some pics from the mountain…061230-okemo-1.jpg




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