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UFC 66

Posted by forlogos on January 7, 2007

Didn’t get to see the whole show…damned bus coming from Vermont just had to break down (see previous post)…

I don’t remember most of the fights that I did get to see.

It was funny how the polling of fans went about for who was going to win, Lidell or Ortiz.  It kept changing.  Kinda like in elections.  It showed Ortiz having the most votes, then as the night continued, the gap kept getting closer and closer, until before the fight when it became 51% Ortiz and 49% Lidell.

Lidell won, as expected.  How could he not?  It would be interesting to see him fight Rampage again.  Ortiz lasted longer than I thought. The fight should’ve ended on the first round but when the referee stopped the bout in a later round, it seemed too soon.  Oh well.

I got to see the IFL live, when will I get to see the UFC live?


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