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BJJ Class 46

Posted by forlogos on January 10, 2007

Another tiring class. The day felt like a summer with a high in the 60’s. In January too! Some people were wearing shorts.

Anyway, it was a gi day and the school’s owner was teaching again. There was no warm-up, we jumped straight to the half-guard sweep-counter. After a bit of doing that,we did what I will call a standing hip-bump pass.

Standing Hip-bump Pass
Start in your partners guard kneeling down. Keep your partner from grabbing you by controlling both arms gripping near the armpits. Stand up, keeping your base and planting your feet near their belt. If your opponent’s hips go up with you, push their hips down. If they try to sweep you by grabbing your ankles and pushing with their legs on your belly, grab their lapels and pull their shoulders off the mat. If they don’t try anything, then continue with the technique. In a quick motion ‘bridge’ or thrust your hips forward to break their guard. Sit on their legs, keeping your weight on. If there are hooks on your sides, push one away. Step one leg over your partner and sit on that leg. Pass your other leg over. Voila! Side control! If after you broke the guard, your partner maintains grips on your ankles, simply smash into the legs, sprawl if needed and find yourself in side control.

After the moves there was some half-guard sparring then regular rolling. One of the goals, as in during the summer, is to try to stay away from the windows, where the sun shines in and bakes the mat! In January too, unbelievable.

Don’t remember how rolling went. I did roll with a white belt and we were almost evenly matched. Similar height, size, weight… my game was just slightly better. I don’t remember rolling with that person before, so I look forward to our next roll.


One Response to “BJJ Class 46”

  1. marcbobson69 said

    nice details.

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