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School started

Posted by forlogos on January 10, 2007

Actually, school started over a week ago on January 1st. It’s been good so far. My professors are great. Although I’ve taken all three subjects before during my undergrad, this term will have a lot of work. Math and Accounting will have a lot of numbers solving type work but shouldn’t be so bad. Marketing will have a lot of reading and group work, which I hope won’t be too bad. Guess I’ll have to wait and see how this term will play out.

I’ve already applied some of my lessons learned from last term, which I discussed here. I’ve already changed location in one class, I moved from the far left and rear section to the front and right area in one class. I like the new location better since I like my seatmates there more. I don’t have the option to move around in my accounting class. It’s assigned seating and I’d rather sit next to other people, these guys talk a lot of major league and college sports talk, which I’ve no interest in. Yes, I’m not into baseball, football, basketball and other major sports and ball sports. I like martial arts and snowboarding. Anyway, I’ve started participating in class discussion more in another class. How could I not? It’s a marketing class.   And this term I bought all my textbooks used and online.  My savings are enormous!  Three textbooks for a total of around $66, shipping included.  That’s a teeny tiny fraction of what my other classmates have spent.  I’ve also started to network more. That just means that I’m trying to get to know my classmates more and make friends. I don’t want to be a loner in B-school.


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