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The Party

Posted by forlogos on January 15, 2007

What the bottom of the fridge looked like before the party. Think that’s a lot? You shoulda seen the rest of the fridge!

Me and AG had a housewarming/birthday(hers/mine) party this weekend. It was great! First time to have a party at B.

Some highlights, in no particular order:
-All the beer! The fridge was full of beer! Different kinds and different brands!! About 9 different beers were present!
-The wine. We didn’t get any for the party, but thanks to all the guests, we now have way more wine than we could want!
-The guests of course! No one from BJJ/MBA showed up but I didn’t invite any… but people from undergrad school, work, snowboarding, and other friends came..and my parents too!
-I thought my parents would feel out of place. They didn’t! They had a great time and mingled with mine and AG’s friends very well.
-I armbarred AG in front of guests…well not really – I did the motions, but it was loose and I didn’t rest my leg on her face. I taught her a basic takedown before and for the past year or so she’s been trying to take me down with it!! I countered her takedown and brought her to the floor slowly…then one guest said, “go for the armbar, you have it!” So I did.
-Playing soccer in the living room with a giant swiss exercise ball, while we were all drunk. The ball hit my laptop, but we kept playing anyway. Eventually, the ball knocked over a lit candle and gave a cool but difficult to clean pattern on the wall and ended the playing too.
-The food. Ordered about 40 pieces of chicken tenders, buffalo wings, buffalo shrimp, a tray of eggplant parm, AG made lots of appetizers and cookies, someone brought apple pie, and my mom made her -oh-so-good pecan pie!!
-The after party. As the last guests were leaving, we saw neighbors going home in the building across the street. We invited them in and those lasts guests went back in too. We had never seen or met those neighbors before (two of them plus two of their friends), Hoboken is one square mile full of 4 to 6 story apartment buildings so it was nice to meet some neighbors.
-It was the long anticipated housewarming party for B. It was great…I gave the tour a few times (“here’s the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom” – – about 20 steps needed, in total for the whole tour).
-It was my birthday party!


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