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Did I screw this internship opportunity?

Posted by forlogos on January 18, 2007

Monday night someone from HR of a company I applied for an internship called. It was about 8pm, but when she asked if it was ok to talk I said “yes” thinking she was going to schedule an interview. Instead she asked me to tell her about myself. Damn!! I blubbered my mouth for about two minutes until I told her I was unprepared and if we could schedule something instead. She gave me her number and asked me to call her back in 3 days on Thursday, when she is (supposedly) back in the office. Screw-up number one. Or was it? I think it’s unfair to call at night, during dinner time and expect someone to be ready for an interview.

Today, Wednesday, I call her up and she isn’t in. Her receptionist takes my name and number and mentions that she isn’t in all day and will be back tomorrow. I say something like, “Oh yeah, we agreed to talk on Thursday. I thought it was Thursday today.” Did I just screw myself again? Will the receptionist tell her I called? Are these two “blunders” going to cost me this internship?

I’ve made myself appear scatter-brained on two occasions already and the phone interview hasn’t even taken place yet!!


2 Responses to “Did I screw this internship opportunity?”

  1. tres said

    That’s bad. You should have said that you were calling to confirm that you would be calling on Thursday 😛 stretching it, but she might think “my, what an organised person. calling to confirm that he will be calling.”


    I did the same thing too. Got called up at 9.45 for a phone interview from Japan. He asks
    “Is this a good time? I’ll like to do a short interview with you now, or should we do it another day?”

    I said “Oh yes, definitely. What would you like to know?”

    Colleagues all around me getting started on work, I haven’t read the company profile comprehensively yet.

    Spend 45 minutes in the file compactor “looking for files”


    but I’m lucky. a friend at the company told me my interview went good and they’re interested. whoa!

  2. forlogos said

    hehe, thanks and good luck!

    I’ve also had a few other calls for another internship that I’m going for. Hope it works out.

    Best on your B-school apps, bro!

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