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Avoid AbeBooks.com. Keep away!!

Posted by forlogos on January 25, 2007

Just avoid them. It’s an online marketplace for books and they have some of the lowest prices for used textbooks. One thing I noticed is that there are no customer ratings of the different sellers. Stick with Half.com and Amazon, they’re more deserving of your time and money.

A few short weeks ago, I wrote a bit on saving lots of money on textbooks here. Well, I didn’t save that much after all.

Abebooks doesn’t take AmericanExpress but takes Visa and MasterCard. By the time I got my visa, one textbook I needed wasn’t available anymore – either a glitch on the website or that one book was removed from the seller’s inventory. Either way that’s strike one.

For strike two, the next available book was three, read that 3, times more expensive than the first. Strike two! I need the book, so I order it anyway.

About two weeks later, I get an email saying that I’m getting a refund because the book that was ordered was filled out by “mistake.” Sure, whatever that means. Strike three. It took them two weeks to tell me that they didn’t have the book. Two weeks. Meanwhile, class kept going on and I really needed the book and it took them two weeks to tell me that it was filled out by mistake!! The nerve.

Strike four. Ok, this isn’t baseball I’m talking about, but yes, they had more than 3 strikes. The next available book was twice the price of the second, or six times as much as the first. At this point, I really needed the book, so I ordered it anyway and even had it shipped express. I still saved money, but still, it is ridiculous.

Strike five. Another textbook I had ordered finally came, after over 3 weeks of waiting. The book that came was the study guide. Not the textbook I had ordered, but its study guide. The book is described on the website as the textbook, has the textbook’s ISBN listed, and the textbook’s authors listed. The book that came was not the text book. Sure, the study guide mentions the text book’s ISBN and authors, but it has different authors and ISBN, and is not the textbook. Strike five! They’re not just out, they’re beyond out. I returned the book and until now I have not yet received my refund. That’s six strikes in total if I don’t get my refund.

Can you believe the nerve of the booksellers in Abebooks? Just stay away from them. There’s a reason why there are no seller ratings. They all suck. Avoid Abebooks ok…save yourself the stress, the hassle, the disappointment, and anguish. They’re not worth it.

Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid!!


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