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BJJ Class 48 & 49

Posted by forlogos on January 25, 2007

Am a bit confused lately as to how to proceed with blogging about BJJ. I want to write stuff down, almost everything that is done in BJJ classes, but I want to write with quality, not quantity. Whenever I read other blogs where they describe moves they learned and stuff – I honestly can’t read it. I mean, I can read it, but none of it makes sense. Even if I follow it step by step, physically, the moves don’t make sense. That’s why books, magazines, and videos work in teaching BJJ. You can’t explain BJJ in words, it’s physical and visual. Words can’t do it justice and can’t explain it. So I won’t try to describe moves and techniques too much, I feel that it takes away from this blog. Unless I can’t help it of course.

So anyway…

Had two classes in the past week. I can’t remember class 48 to much. AG went and watched the last half of the class. We did one cool drill that flowed from one move to another. Side control to Knee on belly, guy on bottom hipscapes, go for armbar, guy on bottom escapes, end with triangle. I rolled with a guy that had great side control for a noob. I mounted him, took his back, had a few submission attempts but couldn’t tap him. But hey, he’s been there about half a year or so.

Lately I feel like I can’t tap people anymore. I can’t seem to go for an armbar from guard anymore. Even on other white blets. I have horrible, horrible side control. When rolling with people that been in BJJ as long as I have (they prolly go to more classes than I do) or blue belts, I spend a lot of time on the bottom. With purple belts and higher, I just tap all the time!! Well, not as much as before…

I hope I can get over this weird slump I seem to have found myself in. Class 49 seemed like a step in the right direction.

Class 49 was good. Spent an hour doing a bunch of escapes from the mount. It was good. Really showed me that the hips are so important with BJJ. Just moving them the right way will do so many things for you. There was rolling after class. I just rolled with this two-month white belt. He had good side control defense, so whenever I got side control, I was mostly in that twisted judo position where you are sitting almost on your butt but your upper body is still on top of your opponent. In the end, I got him in side control, trapped his one arm with my legs, and did an arm lock on the other. Then he called it quits.

I think that since my parents were here and I had my finals, the holidays, the holiday weight gain, I didn’t go to BJJ as much and thus I feel like I’ve hit a plateau or something. But anyway, today’s class made me feel good and I should be able to make two classes a week from now on. (That is until midterms, lots of group work, and finals) Though I only had one submission, my game seemed better. Good thing there are newer noobs to help us noobs feel better!!


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