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Internship Interviews with 1 and 2

Posted by forlogos on January 25, 2007

So last week I had my phone interview with the HR person from company 1. It went for about 20 minutes and the person mainly asked about my background and some stuff I can’t remember now. I think that since I was looking for a summer internship, she said she’d get back to me when summer is closer. Anyhow, it’s an unpaid internship so I’m not quite as interested.

Another company, company 2, gave me a call and we had a 15-20 minute phone interview. The HR person just asked about my resume and said that she’d forward my info to the hiring manager and that she’d call me again to set a face-to-face interview if the manager was interested. She called me the next day and we set an interview for a few days later. I got my stuff ready and even tried on my now 6-year old monkey suit. That’s an interview suit if you don’t know.

So the day of the interview, I get a call from the HR person. The hiring manager was pressed for time and asked if I could just have a phone interview with her instead and to have a face to face later if necessary. Now, I understand having a busy boss, I have one now – but I got into all the trouble of going to work in a suit, finding my resume paper, taking out my nice wool coat and stuff – A phone interview is definitely easier than an in person one – so I don’t mind. As a matter of fact, our intern last year was interviewed completely over the phone, and the first time anyone at work saw her was when she came in for her 1st day of work. But still, at the same time – I don’t get it – It takes the same amount of time out of the managers time – well, maybe no time wasted for shaking hands, standing up/down, walking in/out of office.

I was annoyed cause I got all this stuff ready, but was also relieved at the same time too.

So anyway, I did the interview and ended up not feeling too well afterwards. I think i did ok though, but it was more like, y’know the way I say “ok”. I didn’t do bad but I wasn’t stellar either. The job was to lead two big, first-time, highly visible projects of a huge multinational company. I felt so overwhelmed about it when I heard it, but now I know I can definitely do it – they’re not something that can be done overnight, but like everything, it takes steps – and by taking all those steps I can do it. Being able to do a project like that is a great accomplishment, and can take me far – – but it’s also far from the brand management aspect of marketing – which is what I’d really to get into. Nevertheless, it’s still a great project to tackle and would be an amazing accomplishment that can help me greatly in the future, even though it’s not exactly what I want.


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