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BJJ Class 50 & 51

Posted by forlogos on January 31, 2007

I haven’t felt so out of shape as I did today. At one point I even regurgitated some lunch. And today was a shorter class!! What happened today was just the opposite of class 48. I was beat, from tapping and from exhaustion!! My skills are getting better, little bit by little bit (I’d like to think so, but I really don’t know), but my physical stamina and endurance are diminishing dramatically. I rolled with all blue belts today, and compared to other days, this one was so bad.

After a 10 minute warm-up, there was 5 minute rounds of sparring alternating with push-ups and sit-ups, all the way until class time ended. I couldn’t even do the push-ups anymore.

On the weekend, I rolled with a few months old white belt. While I managed to tap him, he just kept trying to do one move and one move only. I’d be able to dominate, but since he had just one move on his mind, he was able to put me in trouble one too many times. He had only one move, but that was enough for a game plan. I really need to start rolling with a game plan. I usually go in there with no plan and I just try to react to opportunities or my opponent’s offenses. Sometimes, I’d go and want to try a move but am unable to since the opportunity doesn’t happen. I remember reading somewhere that I shouldn’t bully any moves. I think I should though. It’s not called bullying a move, but rather going in with a gameplan.

We’ll see….


One Response to “BJJ Class 50 & 51”

  1. mmabjj said

    Keep your head up mate, everybody goes through the same.

    I’m just recovering from a slump now and it feels great. Keep persevering and the same will happen to you and it will be fun again.

    And I think the gameplan idea is good. Have a gameplan, but a flexible one. And don’t muscle or bully moves (I’m giving this advice to myself, too…) best if we do a good setup, so that the move presents itself…

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