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Got something on my skin

Posted by forlogos on February 1, 2007


1st noticed it on January 6.  Dunno what it is.  It’s not as red as it was.  The pic is my arm on January 6 (click on it to make it bigger).  Doing web searches for Staph and other skin conditions doesn’t match what I have.  I feel fine though, haven’t gotten sick or anything – just that my game feels like it’s plateauing.  It hasn’t spread or grown and it’s just on my forearm.  Hope it’s nothing bad. 

This week they posted some flyers at the BJJ school about staph and ringworm.  Nothing looks like what I have, but it reminded me of it.  Now am worried cause I just read this article.  Staph that wasn’t visible externally but ate away the kid’s internals….nasty. 

Have a doctor’s appointment in a few days, guess we’ll see…

Here’s a good informative post from The Fightworks Podcast.


2 Responses to “Got something on my skin”

  1. mmabjj said

    I’m not a doctor, but listen to this.

    After BJJ sometimes, I used to get really red and itchy parts of skin. Usually my wrists, sometimes my knees and even my shins. Sometimes just red, sometimes it looked like a crazy rash. There were never any large lumps or anything. Just a painful rash.

    I went to the doc and he explained that it was a sweat rash, which happens when you sweat a lot but your skin is not free to breathe (wearing a gi, for example?) and so the sweat gets trapped between layers of skin, causing irritation.

    If it’s particularly bad, a doctor will prescribe some kind of topical, steroidal cream, but it will probably go away on its own.

    Now, every time I go to training, I bring a big towel. After a particularly long or sweaty or “grindy” roll, I always go to the bathroom and wash my hands, forearms and face with clean water, and towel dry it. And especially, at the end of class, do the same again… wash hands, forearms, and face. Even just rinsing with water works, and towel it off. Don’t wait until you get home to shower. I never had any rash since then. Hope that helps.

    Obviously, you should probably see a doctor first!

  2. forlogos said

    Hope that’s what I have, thanks for the great info!!

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