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P-tex burns are nasty

Posted by forlogos on February 3, 2007

I fixed my board and waxed it the other day. I had a few deep gashes and holes, from riding through the trees from the last two seasons. I had hot waxed over the wounds before and it took some work with a sharp pointy thing to get all the wax out of the cracks.

Working with P-tex is more work than I had hoped it would be but it was also a bit fun. You have to light up the p-tex stick with a candle, so that it will consistently keep burning on its own. It’s the only way you’re gonna melt the stuff (other than using a really hot glue gun). So you hold this stick that’s on fire on one end and wait for it to drip on the gashes on your board. It’s really cool…when it drips, it drips fire – it looks like little fireballs!! The fire goes out as soon as it hits the board.

P-tex gas is toxic, so I had my windows open in the middle of winter!! That and a scarf around my face…

Anyway, I had to light and kill the P-tex a few times…one of the times I killed the fire, some p-tex landed on my hand…It cooled right away and looked like a new mole. I had to force it out to remove it, but damn, it burned my skin real fast and kinda bonded to it…so yeah, P-tex burns are nasty!!


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