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BJJ Class 53

Posted by forlogos on February 17, 2007

I went to a friday night no-gi class.

I was still down from the aforementioned downer and didn’t really have much energy. When I got up from stretching to start running for the class warm-up, someone even patted me on the back and said “C’mon where’s the energy?” I was so out of it. I didn’t even recognize the command to start running in the other direction, I just froze or something. The professor called me out on it.

The first move we drilled, I didn’t get. Couldn’t even process it. The second move was much easier and didn’t have as much subtleties as the 1st one and I kinda got it.

It’s a guillotine escape from your knees. You basically go out sideways and somehow mount your opponent, release the headlock, and finish with an arm triangle. It’s not so easy to describe, so I won’t attempt to.

Rolling was great though. Since I didn’t have much energy, I didn’t use much. I rolled all based on technique – I didn’t muscle anything. I used leverage and it was great! I was so relaxed, my breathe never went out of control – – I didn’t gas out. It was really, really good rolling. I was surprised, I even tapped out a blue belt!

I wish I could roll like that more. As a noob – I tend to get all excited and use so much energy, I gas out so much quicker than I should. And even if I agree to just relax with my opponent, I end up using all that excess energy and gassing out. It was such a great feeling to have rolled in that way.

Oh, a new sub was discovered today. After I tapped out the blue belt (with an arm lock from side control), he furiously kept on trying to submit me. He grabbed my arm and kept attempting armbars and triangles. He couldn’t get me but I couldn’t get my arm free either. Anyway, we were rolling from one side of the mat to the other as I kept escaping and escaping his attacks. Suddenly I yell. He releases and I quickly shuffled to the side. My foot had gone on one of the heating water pipes (if you don’t know what this is – think of a radiator) and burned me. Submission by hot pipe!! But you can only pull it off in the winter!

Another highlight was where this guy almost got my back and kept going for it.  I kept going into turtle and rolling into seated guard.  Did that a few times, it was cool!


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