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BJJ class 55

Posted by forlogos on February 24, 2007

It was another all rolling session today. The girl that I mentioned before is back and the professor paired us up for rolling. I rolled with her for the 1st 15 minutes. She didn’t want to work on anything in particular, so we just rolled. At some point I taught her a side control escape, as she couldn’t get out from that position. I concentrated on technique and stayed as relaxed as I could. I got an armbar and a kimura on her a few times, but I let the subs go each time.

I went with someone who I thought was just a bit better than me afterwards, but he seemed to have improved tenfold since we last sparred. He just creamed me. I rolled next with the bluebelt I tapped out last time – he was still out to get me. All the other times I rolled with him before he was relaxed and having fun, but still tapping me out. Since I tapped him, his intensity is up. Either he’s upping his game cause he can’t play around with me anymore or he can’t get over the fact that I tapped him before and still wants me to ‘pay’.

Anyway, I had a few more rolls where I saw that Eddie Bravo’s half guard is really effective. (I got his book a week or two ago – I’ll try to post a review soon.) I’ve been having difficulty doing the ‘old school’ sweep, but I managed a few sweeps of my own.

My last roll was probably the most fun – I mean, the whole class, except for rolling with the girl, I was being whooped or holding someone in halfguard (then being whooped if I tried a sweep). So I rolled with a white belt who I usually go easy with, but this time I told myself I was gonna be very offensive. I was sinking my forearm on his throat when I could, I kept attacking, no matter what was happening. He’d try to choke me and I’d still attack. When in guard, I kept attacking an arm or elbow (I usually look for a sweep) and when I could, I’d post on his head. It was very different from my usual game, tho some people roll that way all the time, I think I should try it more often as putting your opponent in defense mode opens up so many other opportunities for attack.

After the roll, my partner asked, “Did you have a Redbull this morning?” He also said I was fast and that he felt like he was getting his butt kicked. Comments that made me snicker and realize that I really have to work on my game styles.



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