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BJJ class 56

Posted by forlogos on March 6, 2007

I went to BJJ class last week. I should’ve blogged right away. I know there was something I wanted to share. Now I barely remember what happened.

It was a gi-class – all rolling. I got to use Eddie Bravo’s half guard a lot. It is very effective. Except against some people, I can’t seem to get low enough so I can sweep them. Against this one person, he got so annoyed that he couldn’t pass the half-guard and I couldn’t get low enough to sweep him – he just started planting his elbow on my neck making me tap. I have to figure out how to maintain the double underhooks and get low enough.

I did manage to sweep a few people with the EB half-guard – including this guy that had over 50lbs on me – I was surprised that he went over and flipped when I made him – it was so effortless on my part. I’ve never swept anyone so effortlessly before

My game is getting better. I feel that the “constant offense” mindset (and the EB half-guard) I’ve been trying has really worked very well and seems like I have no equal in class anymore. I don’t mean that I’m the best in my school, far from it – what I mean is that if I’m not winning the roll by a margin, I’m losing the roll by a margin. It’s like in all the rounds of rolling lately, someone has always been dominating the roll – whether it be me or whoever I’m against.

Guess I did remember some of what I wanted to say….


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