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Midterms and Grades

Posted by forlogos on March 6, 2007

Ok, I finally got all the results of my midterms.  Accounting – 100, Math methods for business – 100, Marketing Management – 105 (95 from the actual test, plus 10 additional points for extra work).  I’ve never done this well in school before.  This term seems to be easy.  Granted – I’ve had all these subjects many, many years ago – but I thought taking 3 classes, working full-time, BJJ, and snowboarding would make it hard, but it’s rather quite easy.  The professors are keeping things easy as many of my classmates have never taken these before and I do hope that my higher level courses will not be as easy.  If they are, than I am really being ripped-off (big-time) with all the money that I’m paying (actually work is paying) for school.  Anyway, we’ll see. 

Math is the last of the three program prerequisites, Marketing is a core program class, and accounting is a prereq to the finance core class.  So I’m guessing that classes will be more difficult starting next term.

Speaking of which, there’s a class next term called “Business Blogging”.  I might actually know more than the professor, with all the blogs I read and such, but I think it will be a nice elective to take.

Anyway, the grading system here (and by “here” I mean the US) sure is lax.  I don’t know what the passing grade is (50%, 60%?) but I grew up with 75% being the passing grade.  When I was in college it was 70%.  And not just that, the grades back home were all stricter and more objective.  If you got 74.99% for example, you failed.  And every component of your grade had to be backed up by numbers.   I feel like there’s too much flexibility going on here where teachers/professors are simply trying to please students rather than challenge them.  The grade point conversion system was also very strictly followed back home.  Let’s say that it was established that a score of 97-100% gave you a 4.0, 93-96% got you a 3.5 and so on and so forth.  At the end of the term, your grades had to match whatever breakdown was established.  A 96.99 gave you a 3.5, not a 4.0.  There were no curving of grades and the professor did not exercise as much leeway as I see here.  Back home, it was entirely possible for an entire class to fail or get 4.0s.  You got your grade based on your performance and your performance only.  With the curving that’s going on here, you get measured against your peers (not entirely a bad thing but…), but the grade that you receive at the end of the term isn’t truly indicative of your progress and performance.  If you get an 85, but no else gets a grade higher than you, you get an A.  If you get a 40, and a few people get lower scores, you could get a D.  I don’t get it.  That should be about a 2.0 and a 0.0.  I remember in college, in english, I got the highest score out of the whole class (no one else came from an english-speaking school) and all I got was a 2.5 out of a possible 4.0.  That would’ve been a 4.0 here.  Imagine that. 


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