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BJJ Class 57

Posted by forlogos on March 9, 2007

I read this post from Jits at The Daily Jits. He discussed how annoying it is to miss BJJ and how your game level is affected as a result. I was thinking about it when I started rolling last night. It was another all-rolling class.

I missed a class last week and it felt like I had lost some skill at that short a time. A noob arm-barred me, my guard was getting passed like nothing, and I was out of breath!

Then it happened, I got my game back. It might have happened the first time I did the EB half-guard or when I was hit in the head. Whatever it was, I was on. I guess it was because my body was fully warmed up and I stopped feeling so sluggish, I didn’t warm up much and I was tired even before class.

I successfully defended against a white belt that has done nothing but own me the last few weeks. I’m also seeing more success with the EB half-guard. I keep mentioning Eddie Bravo’s techniques I’m gonna have to create an ‘Eddie Bravo’s techniques’ or something like that as a category for this blog. EB is more known for his rubber guard, I think, but there’s more than just the rubber guard to his techniques. Anyway, the class turned out to be pretty good, even if there was too many people that one rolling pair often collided with another rolling pair, or the wall.

The kimura/americana move is still my highest percentage sub, the armbar has the highest in failed attempts, and my side control is getting better but my side control escapes are getting worse.

I need to train more!!


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