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BJJ Class 59 and 60

Posted by forlogos on March 16, 2007

Got to go to BJJ twice this week.  Nice!!

Class 59 was Gi.  After a period of all rolling, we finally did some lessons.  We learned this move to roll someone that’s gone turtle and choke them, or do the rear naked choke if the first choke is defended against.  There was a lot of rolling after the drill.  I remember pulling off a couple of Kimuras off some fellow white belts and doing a good job of avoiding a guard pass and recomposing my guard.

I don’t remember if I blogged about my injured (sprained or something) wrist.  It started hurting a few weeks back when I posted out to avoid being swept.  Anyway, I got a clock choke on someone and when I almost had the choke complete, I had to let it go cause my wrist was starting to hurt real bad.  I might have my terminology wrong, but the clock choke is where you grab a collar and you make it go round and round your opponent’s neck until  the collar gets too tight and he taps out right?

I had two rounds with this big and very heavy kid.  I have great difficulty in being in the bottom position with this guy as he has a lot of weight and knows how to use it.  As a result, he has a great mount and great side control.

Class 60 was today.  No gi, difficult warm-up, and also a new move learned.  It’s open guard to a single leg, but I don’t think I’m gonna get to use it anytime soon.  While we were drilling the move, someone spotted a wart on someone’s foot.  It was a huge HPV thing.  The person with it left, some guys went home, the rest  washed up.  The mat was mopped and we rolled.

My rolling is getting much better.  I don’t tap to the higher belts as much as I used to and I control the fight more when I go against fellow white belts.  Of course, there are still other white belts that can whoop my ass, but not as much as before.  My first roll was with the girl.  I didn’t go for any subs, but I used the roll to practice some things, like my half-guard passes.  Also, I tapped out an even (same weight) blue belt today.  I was going for an arm as he was trying to pass my guard.  If I didn’t see the professor walk over to see if I would get it, I think I would’ve let the move go, but since he walked over for a better view of what I was doing, I pushed for the sub and ended up with a kimura in half-guard.  Still my highest scoring sub!

Oh, I think the major turnaround for me was in BJJ class 55, where I decided to keep the pressure on my opponent and just attack, attack, attack!!  I had to tell myself to go on constant offense mode a few times, but now it just happens naturally (like pushing an elbow on someone’s neck even if you know it won’t result in a sub).  I still have to keep telling myself to relax more – it’s working though, I can roll for an hour and not want to sit some bouts out.  Since I’ve also been trying to rely more on technique, and not so much on muscle, I now have to tell myself that it’s ok to muscle some things every once in a while (like when I made the blue belt tap today).

Anyway, BJJ has been great this week, even though I just iced my wrist for an hour.



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