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Mount Snow and fresh pow

Posted by forlogos on March 20, 2007

About 14″ fell last saturday on lower Vermont. Least, that’s what the forecasts said, I don’t know what the actual amounts were. It truly was a great thing that I saw the weekend forecast on thursday and that me and AG were able to get some seats on the bus.

It was a great day, epic!! The snow was soft and plentiful, powder was everywhere to be had! Fresh tracks on the sides of trails and in between the trees were soft, heavenly, and really made me smile…

As soon as we got off the lift, we hit the glades (this was our warm-up). Damn pow was hard to float on…. We went for a full run after the trees, but riding through the pow was very difficult with having to put our weight on our back foots so we wouldn’t sink and get stuck in “powder traps”. We took a break and adjusted our bindings rearward.

While I was changing our bindings set up, a single-planked park-rat complained to me, “I thought the powder was going to be a blessing, it turns out to be a curse!!” Oh you Ice Coast rider, only someone used to ice would complain about pow!! Lunacy!!

With the new binding settings, riding all the pow was fun and was easy. Actually, it was really surprising how much easier it was to float. Powder traps that were so difficult to get out of in the past were, well, none-existent! At one point I got stuck by a tree well and knew for sure I would have to unstrap…I was so surprised by how easy it was to hop out of knee-deep snow and get my board out…. The binding settings made all the difference in the deep (Ice Coast) pow.

Oh, and fresh tracks in the glades was some of the best boarding I’ve had all season.

Not much pix from the day, and none with me (I always have the camera, so I don’t have much pix of myself).

AG taking a breather in the glades.  Yes, that is a fallen tree behind AG.  You ride around it, but I could see some jibbers jumping over it…

The other Emilio’s bus (Manhattan only) that kinda looks like a mangy dog…

I’m really looking forward to my Utah trip which is several days away – my first trip away from the Ice Coast…

Snowboard loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove people!!!


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