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Next term plans and internship search

Posted by forlogos on March 21, 2007

Yesterday was a good day at work. Well, I only did about an hour-and-a-half to two hours worth of work.

I spent most of my day doing school stuff. I spent most of the morning deciding which subjects to register for in the summer term. Besides downloading the list of course offerings, I narrowed my search down by removing the classes I wasn’t yet qualified for due to prereqs, removed the classes I’ve already taken, and removed classes I had no intention of ever taking. From the classes I did want to take, I checked each professor against their ratings on RateMyProfessors.com (RMP).

I was originally going to go for a Finance core course, a marketing course, and a special topic course: Business Blogging, and (since the blogging course was likely to be easy) Business Law or MIS. Four subjects for a part-time student! But I learn so much about blogging and business blogging from the various blogs I frequent, I feel that spending time and money on a subject I already kinda know and read about for free almost everyday isn’t worth it. I have a limited amount of electives, and I should use them for something that I want to know more about and don’t know enough already. Also, the class professor is still unannounced, and registration starts this week. I don’t want to have a bad professor. On the other hand, the marketing class professor has been announced but it will be taught by an unknown – no one knows this person and the person has no RMP profile – and I really don’t want to take the chance and go with horrible professors.

Given the two, I’ve decided to go for three subjects instead, Principles of Modern Finance, MIS, and Business Law. All three are core subjects, and I think I will have my part-time hands very full. I really like the schedule, tuesdays and thursdays, time between class days for BJJ and homework and I get a breather from the weekend with monday. All the professors are good, according to RMP, so no worries. Well, except for law, which may be my hardest subject.

I haven’t secured any internships yet. I went through another wave of applications, but no replies other than auto-replies and one company that wrote to say that they “liked my resume and experience, but don’t fit their needs and will keep my resume on file.” Bull.

I do have a pending chance with a friend of mine, I think I wrote about this internship opportunity awhile back. My friend is one of two people in the Marketing department of a major foreign company trying to enter the US. I just sent him my resume as they seem to have finally decided on the specifics of the requirements for the intern/s that they would like to have.

Also, I went to a career fair in school today. I went primarily for one company, the one where AG works. I went straight to their table and had a nice chat with them. The hiring coordinator sits next to a friend of ours (mine and AG’s) at said company, so I hope it will help me in getting in the door.

I do hope I get an internship soon, summer is fast approaching…


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