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Posted by forlogos on March 25, 2007

Me and AG are going to Podcamp NYC.  Podcamp is a new media unconference (the un- is because it’s a free conference and is different from other conferences).  Check out the website for more info.

Over the past year and more or so, I’ve discovered and got into all this new media lifestyle.  I read blogs on my phone during my commutes, listen to nothing but podcasts (I even get my news via podcasts), and even have this here blog.  There’s a whole slew of new media thingamastuff out there, such as user generated content (wiki’s anyone?) and whatever, which I haven’t even delved into yet.  I like new media and would like to learn more.

Funny, it’s a new media conference, held at the New School, here in New York!!

Anyway, if any of you readers out there (my blog stats say I’ve got at least 3 or 4) are going to Podcamp NYC, leave me a comment to let me know.

This whole new media thing is also getting my brain whacked-up.  I’d like to get a new media related marketing internship, but the only one I’ve been able to get an interview for is unpaid, whereas I also have a traditional  S&P 500 marketing paid internship interview lined up.  I should go for whichever job will take me, but what happens if I get both?  I’m leaning towards the paid one, since I don’t believe in working for free (I’m not volunteering).  But I really dunno…..


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