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BJJ Class 61 and 62. And a little after…

Posted by forlogos on March 27, 2007

I should really stop doing this. I mean, I should stop waiting too long before I decide to blog. I forgot most of what happened already.

I think class 61 was a gi all-rolling class. Got elbowed really hard in the jaw. This one guy seems to attract a lot of striking-related injuries….knees to the face, elbows, head banging on walls, shins hitting each other – all while rolling. You can pretty much roll with everyone else without getting hit, but with this guy, you or him always accidentally strike each other in some way…. Every academy must have one of those guys….

Class 62 was no-gi. Don’t remember much either but I think rolling was pretty much status quo – nothing unusual happened. I was fine when I left and all – even washed my arms and face before I left the school.

But by the time I got home, I was all sickly. I had a ringing in my ears, was getting the chills, felt like I had to vomit, and felt very weak. Oddly enough, I also got this strange red mark/bruise on the bridge of my nose as if I was hit – but I wasn’t.

I took a shower, and the ringing stopped, the vomit feeling went away, and the red bruise disappeared. Really weird. Still felt weak and had the chills though. I forced myself to eat dinner and slept. Pretty much ruined my weekend. I slept about 17 hours (which was good) but still had the chills. I stayed in all day saturday – it was such a sunny day too. Damn.

Got better on sunday morning.

Wonder what it was….hope there’s nothing left.


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