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Internship search status

Posted by forlogos on March 28, 2007

Here’s how everything looks so far

  • the internship with my friend looks shaky. It’s the foreign corporation trying to enter the US market. I don’t speak Japanese, and the position just might require it
  • I have an interview next week with AG’s company (full-time and paid)
  • I have a pending interview at a small web start-up. I responded with my availability, but have yet to hear back (part-time unpaid)
  • I got a request to provide my availability for a small marketing firm from the career fair

I’d like to start in May, but I need at least 2-3 weeks notice so I can file for academic leave with my current employer. If I’m getting a part-time job, I need to be sure that I will be getting no other offers so I can take one or two more classes. I can take evening classes so that I can still work them in my schedule before I go on leave.


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