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BJJ Class 63

Posted by forlogos on March 29, 2007

oh man!

It was an all rolling gi-day again. I thought I’d take it easy, relax, and just roll easily.

I got pummelled. Everyone was passing my guard like I had no legs and my hands were getting sore from tapping out!!

It wasn’t that bad, but it was close to it. I did have a very relaxed feel while everyone was all-out and hungry for submissions. I’ve been feeling pretty good about my rolling lately since I’ve been rolling with all white belts, so I decided to go back to rolling back with all higher belts.  Actually today, only my first and last roll were with white belts.

In talking in the changing room after the class, it seems that everyone else was having a tough time too.  Everyone being whitebelts, that is.

Had just one sub.  This whitebelt was very hungry to score a sub, he passed my pathetic guard, got me in side control, north-south, the whole time trying subs.  After a minute or so, I got tired and just decided to change my ‘relaxed mindset.’  I very quickly, within a minute, escaped from under side control, got open guard, swept, mounted, and pulled an americana making him tap!! 

My mistake was being too relaxed for the whole class…what happened to the always-on-the-offense frame of mind that I had developed and proved to be so effective?  I need to get it back.


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