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BJJ Class 64

Posted by forlogos on April 6, 2007

Gi class.  The school’s owner taught the class, not the usual professor.  He just came back from the Pan-Ams and got 2nd place in his weight division.  Hurrah!!

I was very tired from the weekend at Utah and late nights prepping myself for interviews and stuff – so I just wanted to relax in class.  I really wanted to roll – even though the last class taught me not to relax while rolling.  Not that we actually rolled.

Anyway, we did some warm-ups and stuff, which wasn’t too difficult, surprisingly.  Then we did a spider guard pass, which will be illustrated soon, thanks to my snowboard instructors.

Then there was, as Slideyfoot puts it, specific sparring.  It’s been a long time since any of this was done in class.  It was sparring with one person on open-guard.  This person’s goal was to sweep his opponent, while the other person’s goal was to pass the guard.  Whoever looses, leaves, goes back to join the line to wait for their next turn at whoever frees up to try to pass their guard.  Fun!!

I passed a few (even blue belts) and swept a few too.  I remember months ago when we last did something like this – I couldn’t pass anyone’s guard or sweep anyone at all back then.  It’s really nice to see that in the last 9 or 10 months, I actually did learn a few things and I’m so much better now.  It’s really nice that we can have things like this, real things of substance, that we can use to measure our performance.  It’s not just the color of the belt on your waist.

When I was active in TKD a lifetime ago, I saw too many people promoted to black belt that didn’t deserve it (“undeserving black belts” I called them).  They fought like blue belts and couldn’t perform kicks they should’ve “mastered” two or three belt colors ago.  You could actually get a backbelt without getting better, learning anything, or putting in any hard work.  You just needed to pay the testing fees and show up.

But that’s a rant for another day….

For now, Ous!


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