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Internship decisions (???????)

Posted by forlogos on April 6, 2007

I had two interviews for summer internships this week, with one more coming up – hopefully.

They both went well, at least I think they did.  I also feel that if I really wanted, I will get these positions.  I feel 80% sure that I will be offered both of these jobs.

But I can’t decide…

Some background…I currently work for big Pharma (that means I work in a major pharmaceutical company).  I even spent a year earning a certificate to learn more about the industry.  I’ve wanted to get into marketing for a while now.  I do want to have a career in marketing, but I know that I want to get out of pharma. 

The first internship is for a paid pharmaceutical marketing job.  I’ll be part of the marketing team of their biggest (read: blockbuster) drug working on projects and basically interacting with the team.  I don’t want a pharma career, but the marketing experience I gain here could be invaluable.  This is likely to be paid (I haven’t verified) and will be during regular business hours, 40 hours a week.  This will be working on the brand, which is what I want to get into – brand/product management.

The second is for a small boutique marketing company.  I’ll primarily be working on their brand manual, but can also join any number of projects for any clients that they might have.  This is unpaid, I make my own schedule, and could be either full-time or part-time.  Working on the brand manual would be nice, but is it really helpful, career-wise?

Money is nice, but isn’t the only factor.  I need to get the experience to help me start a new career.  If I get pharma marketing experience, will it be able to help me get other marketing jobs in the future?  Will it give my future resume more pull (power)?

But I don’t have a passion for pharma.  So I can’t decide if I should go for this one.

If I get the smaller marketing internship, will it really help my career?  The open schedule sounds appealing – I can take an extra class if I decide to go it part-time.  But the fact that it’s unpaid really gets to me.

So the big question is, should I go for the pharma internship or the small company?

As I keep writing this post – I feel like I should go with the Pharma company.  I should be able to work on any brand’s/product’s marketing, regardless of the industry.  So the real big question is:

Will Pharma marketing experience be beneficial in getting a (non-pharma) marketing career?

 Any advice or insight is welcomed and much appreciated.


2 Responses to “Internship decisions (???????)”

  1. Ottayan said

    I suggest, that you take up the big pharma company offer.

    Reason: You will never think if only I had taken up that offer.

    If you are willing to work for free, offers from small boutique firms will be plenty.

    Any marketing or any experience will always stand in good stead. It is what you make of the experience which will count.

    Hope this helps.

  2. forlogos said

    Thanks Ottayan!!

    What you say is true, especially about unpaid internships from small companies.

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