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BJJ class 65 and 66

Posted by forlogos on April 14, 2007

Man, I don’t remember class 65 much – and it wasn’t more then 3 days ago.

I kept dozing off at work before I went to BJJ, so I was tired already. Then the warm-up was hard. Long and hard – almost a thousand sit-ups, plus other stuff too. Then it was all rolling.

It was rotation rolling. A group of people act as base while the rest (and majority) of the class rotates among the people that are part of the base. I was part of the base group for the first time, so I ended up rolling the whole session with no breaks. I was so exhausted.

After all the rolling, while walking around I couldn’t see much. I was so light-headed, everything I saw was a white haze. How I managed to shake people’s hands I don’t know. It was like there was a blizzard just in front of my eyes, I couldn’t see much beyond the white. It was kinda freaky. So I sat down on the mats for about 15 minutes before I was able to get up again. I’ve never been that light headed before – I can’t believe how I almost couldn’t see – I must’ve been close to passing out or something….

Anyway. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Oh, and stronger I felt two days later for class 66. I was still sore from the warm-up of class 65, rolled for much longer,and had a much better day. Well, – I wasn’t being choked as much as in class 65 – there were more white belts and a noob in this class.

Anyway, I pulled of a few armbars and triangles – moves I haven’t been able to do for quite a while now. Even finally got to do an armbar from the guard. Then, I was able to transition a mount to a triangle. Nice!! Having finally done both moves was a really good feeling. And I got a few other standard armbars (from mount, side control) and triangles from guard – which really made my day. Haven’t had a sub in a while, and it was just great to have gotten so many in one class.

Also rolled with a noob. A real noob. His second time to roll. I remember those days. Not too fondly though. Taught the noob the upa escape.

Now I know why as a noob, even if someone says they’ll go light on you – you still get to tap every 10 seconds or so… When you roll with a noob, what else can you do but pull a sub? Maybe you sweep, go to another position – but they don’t know how to escape or what to do or defend. Even if you decide to just practice maintaining your positions, you get bored, have nothing to do, so you just sub them. Anyway, its the best way for a noob to learn defense, which is the best way and the way we all learned. We were all noobs at the beginning.


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